Stan Rawlinson - My Philosopy on Dog Training and Behaviour

Stan Rawlinson Doglistener
I do not advocate the use of force, coercion, check or choke chains. Halti's or any aids that may hurt or injure a dog.

My methods use positive reinforcement, sound therapy, Jingler's, and my Alpha Myth beliefs and style that is a non-aggressive.

My unique approach is both gentle and extremely effective.

Can I Be The Alpha?
I do not have any anal glands, fur, mobile ears, a tail or four legs. I can't smell pee at two miles, I don’t even look l like a dog or even smell like one. Well certainly not all the time!

What I am really saying is that my dogs know I am not a dog. It does not matter how many times I eat before them, or how many times I come in and ignore them, I still cannot convince them that I am a dog.

Unlike a duck that comes out of the egg and says Mamma to the first thing it sees. Dogs are born live and are both blind and deaf. The mother bites the umbilical cord cleans them up then puts them to her nipple.

They lock onto the mothers smell and touch and when their eyes open between 10 and 14 days and their hearing starts. They then also know what mum looks and sounds like.

Do you imagine for one second that we can fool them by eating before them or pretending to eat their food. How about ignoring them when you come in? We are told that these actions will make them think you the leader and alpha of ther pack.

Well I have got news for you, It is all garbage. YOU CANNOT BE AN ALPHA TO YOUR DOGS. See my article The Alpha Myth

All that ignoring them when you come in, and eating before them just serves to confuse and frustrate your pets. It never happens in the wild. Wild dogs and Wolves have a ritualistic greeting signals that they perform after each seperation. Have you ever seen Wolves with numbers on their backs as they line up for dinner?

Like a lot of the advise we are given, it is generally incorrect and based on outdated, outmoded and innacurate assumptions.  Dogs are what is called conspecific, that means they can only truly pack up with their own kind.


Dogs know when they meet another dog that it is of the same species. They are really not easily fooled. When they meet humans they see us as a totally different species. We are intrinsically locked into their lives because of the close ties we have created over the last fifteen thousand years. See my beliefs on The Origin Of The Dog

I believe they see us as a resource not as an alpha. Whether they see us as a resource controller will depend on how well you train, communicate and work with your dog.

That is where I come in I can change the way your dog views you, and put you back in control of your unruly, difficult, aggressive or badly behaved dogs. I can stop your dog pulling on the lead not in days or hours but minutes. Jumping up? A thing of the past.

I do displays at shows all over the country, where I take dogs out of the audience that I have never met before, and change the bad behaviour in front of everyone.


I do not know of any other trainer or behaviourist who has the courage and conviction to actually attempt such a feat.

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